OPC Server

Connection to all major brands and types of automation equipment.

Beijer Electronics OPC Server ensures connection to all major brands and types of automation equipment on the market. The OPC server can be connected to an unlimited number of devices simultaneously, using one or more protocols. Automation devices such as inverters, servo systems, and PLCs of different brands can be connected thanks to the wide variety of protocols in the OPC server.




Key features

Some of the features in Beijer Electronics OPC Server include:

  • Import and export of tag lists
  • Scripting and scaling tag values
  • Tag generator for creating a defined number of consecutively numbered tags quickly.
  • Built-in DDE server allows applications such as Microsoft Excel to act as clients.
  • Built-in monitoring facility helps supervising the communications.
  • Can be run as a Windows service. 

Beijer Electronics is a member of The OPC Foundation. Beijer Electronics OPC Server complies with the OPC Foundation specification Data Access 2.0. 

Intelligent communication

The OPC Server includes a license for an unlimited number of protocols and can use several protocols in one server simultaneously. The serial protocols have modem support and some also support Ethernet tunneling.

OPC Software

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OPC Server

Connection to all major brands and types of automation equipment.